Training in Italy and testing of the Hi-Ability Toolkit!

The training in Italy  took place every Friday from February to April 2022 and involved 10 participants who participated until the very end of it.

Concerning the 10 participants, they actively took part in all the activities and stimuli proposed by the educators. Moreover, they were always involved in all the organizational processes of some of the activities of the training, which resulted in an increase in their level of autonomy and social interaction. They were particularly participative in the lessons before the hiking, where they discussed together what to bring with them in the backpack and what clothes to wear.

Furthermore, at the end of each training session, short English lessons were held in order to provide participants with additional tools to interact with others once they will be in Croatia.

Certainly, what emerged most clearly during and at the end of the training were the participants’ interest and curiosity for the topics covered, in particular their enthusiasm to learn without having to give up nature. In fact, it was found that the moments of greatest participation and activity were those in which, after the theoretical lesson, they went to the park or to a green area to discuss what had been learnt or to carry out the activities foreseen by the toolkit such as the construction of a birdhouse.