Final multiplier event in Italy

The final multiplier event of the Hi-Ability project organized by TREKKIFY held in Pale on the 15th of October was more than a promotional event for the dissemination of the results. It was conceived and planned as a full day of outdoor activities and inclusion where all the participants had the opportunity to discover the village of Pale and its gems such as the waterfalls, the hermitage and the trekking trails. In addition, environmental workshops were delivered to the participants. ‘Montagne superabili’ (Superable mountains) is the name given to the format of the event: tens of people coming together and spending quality time together no matter what their abilities or disabilities are. The success of the event held on the 15th of October pushed the organizers (local authorities and grassroots organizations together with the project partner Trekkify) to replicate the event on the 26th of November thus involving around 100 participants in total.