Hi-Ability Multiplier Event in Greece

On 6/10/22 Epioni organized the Multiplier Event in Athens, Greece. During the event, the Hi-Ability Toolkit for Educators (IO1), the Hi-Ability App (IO2), the Hi-Ability Green Guide (IO3) and the Policy Recommendations and Guidelines for Transferability (IO4) have been presented by Akyllina Despoti, Fokion Dimitriadi,Spyros Zorbas, Ariadni Dinou and Spyros Katsaris.

After that on Saturday 5/11/2022, at the venue Epos Fylis was organized a workshop, where the results of the Hi-Ability project were presented. More specifically, the presenters spoke about the programme, its philosophy, its purpose and objectives, the results, the achievements and the experiences of the face-to-face meetings. Krina Anagnostopoulou, Drosos Trapezaris, Maria Spyridaki, Lola Mathianaki and Manolis Fountoulakis did the presentations.

The event was honored with the presence of the deputy mayor of the Municipality of Phyllis, Mr. Vassilis Georgiadis, trainers and members of the Hellenic Society of Emergency Prehospital Care (E.E.E.P.F.) as well as members and friends of Epos Fylis and Epioni. The event was followed by a discussion and exchange of views on issues related to disability, inclusion and the important role of outdoor activities in the lives of everyone, especially people with disabilities.